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A HUGE (thanks) to Mari and her team who were a pleasure to work with, also Pravin Patel the owner of 'The Brookdale Lodge' for his input and hospitality in providing accommodation as the owner of The  SOLARIS hotel. 



My primary intention is to over the coming months provide a series of documentaries that offer that little different.

Although still popular with the masses, the general feedback concerning televised ghost type shows would suggest there is a slow but steady decline in popularity.
There is a standard format when it comes to
TV type ghost shows and the general often it's mainly more about money and ratings, it believed if nothing is happening, then the pressure is on to still make it exciting usually by way of suggestion and anticipation which often leaves viewers far from the edge of their seats.






I have been involved in the paranormal for many years, have appeared on TV / Radio shows and am well-known for my successes when it comes to both investigating haunting s and my communications and also little more besides.
I will be
travelling the United States, re opening cases, investigations both old and new, investigating many mysteries over the coming months with the aim of bringing you all something that does not fit the usual ghost show formats, something you can believe in.

Proceeds from each episode go towards producing the next in the series.

Episodes are expensive to produce and extremely time consuming, commanding  and require much logistical planning. Equipment, flights, accommodation etc all add up. I am an independent documentary filmmaker and researcher and receive no assistance regarding filming, travel accomodation budgets.

Revenue generated from rentals and digital downloads in the series count towards, but come nowhere close to the overall costs of producing a full feature but it's my passion, it's who I am and what I do. I have a deep desire to bring real unexplained evidence / phenomena to as many people as possible. Nothing is rehearsed, staged, everything is  shot on the fly as it happens.

So many followers say they love my work because they can believe it, I have spent years building credibility with the field, I would like to bring some of that credibility to TV too at some stage if the opportunity arises.

The subject of the Paranormal is awash with preconceived notions, faked shows where many have been caught out as tricksters which
has tainted further over the years a subject in which science should actually be taking far more active role.

Regardless of anyone's belief, one fact remains constant this world is still largely unknown to us, unexplained phenomena is real and does occur.

The planet so many of us take for granted is a true gift of wonder and mystery with still so many unexplored avenues to explore and discoveries to be made.
We have not yet conquered the deepest oceans nor the deepest space, science still fails to explain many of the mysteries of the universe or unlock the key to how much of it works.
In such matters, despite huge leaps forward in technology and understanding, science has not been around very long in the great scheme of things, in the history of mankind, it remains to a large degree very much in its infancy.

How can we
therefore dismiss the afterlife? The mountains of evidence for the afterlife which has come from some of the greatest names in Science? I'm not a scientist however, after many years in the field researching the subject the evidence I have gathered and presented, my study of my subject, my knowledge pertaining to the subject along with my understanding of the subject is on par with any scientist studying a chosen research. I conclude my own findings not on pure speculation or belief structure, but factual tangible evidence alone.

My conclusion is
that spirit personalities are a normal part of the cycle of the universe and are very real. Are they spirits of the dear departed ? They say, who am I to argue? Nobody can be 100% certain until we ourselves shed this earthly coil.

I am not a ghost hunter, I am an explorer, I don't hunt ghosts, they come to me, converse with me often providing me with direct previously unknown information which when followed up on has led directly to some remarkable findings and discoveries. These have been  officially proven and documented alongside some of my own abilities which I won't go into but will prove apparent within the series.

Many people tell me that they don't know what to believe anymore with so much trickery and misinformation within the field of
the paranormal research and investigations and on TV.
I bring something honest, real and void of assumptions and religious belief's.

Simply put:
I present my findings on what is discovered along my
own  journey so that you the viewer may form your own conclusions based on real evidence and factual content.





Long term objective: Those who have known me years already know that, Should this series / my work do well or eventually lead on to bigger things,   it is and always has been, "my goal to set up funding towards underprivileged and ill children in places where care is not easily within reach". There is so much imbalance in this world, given the opportunity I'm sure many of you just like myself would like to make a difference ..

* To add some long needed credibility into a subject worthy of serious attention and study.

* To seek recognition from
the mainstream that spirit personalities are a real part of natures and universal cycles.

I may never achieve fully any of those objectives but I won't stop trying.


Don Philips...





Well, it's been some time since the last update, firstly thanks to all of you who are frequenting this site, its proving very popular and I appreciate those who have emailed me pledging their support and looking forward to more ...


It's been a hectic few months with many things happening in the new year and I know many will be pleased to hear.

Much time has been spent scouting new locations to bring new outstanding documentaries during 2019  from within the U.S 

Things do take time, sometimes to much time, but I'm doing my best here to produce and bring unique quality content that differs from the usual paranormal  TV show format, something fresh, something honest and something exciting to the viewer.


Brookdale is in the closing stages and will be sent for close caption editing within days, many have asked when is the release date?

Quite frankly there is no release date planned but instead, the documentary is being pitched to U.S broadcasters in the hope it will be aired so everyone can enjoy it

 Pitching begins in January, I'm pretty confident it will get picked up. This needs to be done before any further consideration of any other type of distribution can be considered. There is a huge interest in this film particularly in California so I guess that's where we begin.

I have been looking into different possible physical delivery systems for documentaries to reach the end user besides declining popularity of DVD's, I have now come up with a perfect delivery system to enable you to form a collection of documentaries as they are made available which will maintain the original quality. The first test sample I expect in a matter of days so keep an eye out for more information on that. The Demons In Seattle Uncovered will be the first made available on this system.


There are currently  Four new documentaries in the planning stage up to now for next year and a huge project currently in consideration  DEMONS IN SEATTLE  THE MOVIE:   don't expect that in the near future much time spent by many people and a crew will be invested

and last but not least  funding options are being currently being considered  & movies ain't cheap.  If this pulls together I will post updates accordingly, if it's simply not viable due to a lack of capital then it won't happen however anything is possible and I believe a feature movie

about the Seattle case would be incredible. There is a much bigger story to tell, the documentary centres mainly on evidence. 

That's about it, for now, the next update hopefully won't take as long.


If you have any questions, wish to show support or suggestions concerning investigations you would love to see why not drop me a line 

don-philips@outlook.com  - Business / Press Inquiries don.philips@americansupernatural.com   


Have a great Xmas .... 

Don Philips...



Well, it's here. 2019 has arrived.. A happy new year to all my followers let's make it a good one ....

I'm already hot on the heels of making 2019 the best year ever with some amazing locations earmarked for investigating in America.


Initially, my plan was to make my work available on DVD  and Blueray but withdrew this option within a short space of time.

They were proving too expensive to ship out to my U.S customers, had to be ordered in minimum quantities of X 300 and required two versions both NTSC and Pal.  I spent much time looking at alternatives forms of media which were region free and compatible worldwide and cost-effective to post out.

Sure digital downloads work however many people like a physical format so they may build their collection, I now have the perfect solution...

Full details will follow shortly kicking off with the Demons In Seattle Uncovered being made available in this new format to everyone worldwide, this is a first in the film distribution industry and will, without doubt, prove extremely popular.

YOUTUBE: I do have some old content available on my YOUTUBE channels which I will be leaving up. They are pretty interesting but predate RavenMedia and were never meant to be of significant production or edit value, they are just fly on the wall, grab the moments as they happen investigations. Some of them entail no more than myself wandering around with a Handycam. Production value is of no consideration but people love the content and have been asking for uploads. Due to schedules, Raven Media, documentaries taking top priority in my chain of things to do YOUTUBE has been the least of my considerations. I shall hower make time to upload some new content from past investigations which I have never shown before.


I am good at what I do and enjoy my work, however, American Supernatural Series costs a great deal to produce. I have invested heavily in Cinema cameras and other equipment, costs of traveling back and forth to the United States along with accommodations and other expenses make every episode in this series very expensive to produce. I need not necessarily make huge profits however I do look to at least break even (one day!)  

I currently finance the whole project myself to bring you something honest, enjoyable and at times pretty mind-bending...

Therefore YOUTUBE due to its structure and payment system is not at this time a viable option for a filmmaker who needs to reinvest quickly any proceeds into their next project.   




Currently under consideration is a big reveal night at the Brookdale Lodge.

Plans are underway to premiere the Brookdale Lodge Uncovered documentary at the Lodge in an exclusive event if this is confirmed the evening will consist of the very first public showing of the documentary, a presentation with a question & answer session and more. Details yet to be confirmed but updates will be posted here as available.


Raven Media will soon be offering available documentaries on a new media doing away with the need of DVD's which are expensive to ship to the US.

This new format is a (region free) form of professionally manufactured collectible digital media which I have developed for the past 3 months, this will also be a first in retail film distribution. This means superb HD/ and 4K quality at a lower price point to the end consumer fully compatible worldwide and instant play from any TV /PC.

More on that very soon, the first title available on this format will be the hugely popular -DEMONS IN SEATTLE UNCOVERED-  


Filming is scheduled to begin in April-May on three new exciting documentaries + an additional private live case for which permission has been given to film. This case footage will be made free to view on                            shortly after my return.


More updates soon ...


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                        see more click above white event banner above  ...

Last spring of 2018, renowned film maker and paranormal researcher, Don Philips, flew over 5,000 miles from the United Kingdom, to meet with leading Santa Cruz Paranormal investigative team, Mary Anne (aka Mari A. Porter) - of the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters.
Accompanied by UK camera man Ian Gunner - “Demons In Seattle” Patty Cool Hale. The United Kingdom’s, American Supernatural team and US team mates Mari A. Porter and Tim Loe, of the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters, embarked on a one week investigative journey at the haunted, formerly known World Famous Brookdale Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

One year later, this one of a kind unique paranormal documentary has been completed, and renowned film maker Don Philips returns to the US of A – and to the Brookdale Lodge to reveal the final product.

This August also see the documentary screened in New York as well as being entered into News York's film festival . If that wasn't enough Don has also been granted the privilege of investigating

the theatre itself, a live stream is under consideration. 






For all enquiries
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