If you told me several years ago that I would be writing a book about the haunted house I lived in,  my reply would have been, what haunted house?   Your response, 'the Bothell house you just moved in, you're going to write a book about it.'  I would have looked at you strongly and said I haven't even signed the move in papers yet, my girlfriend and I meet with the home owner today.  You then turn your back to me and walk off.   I look at you and shrug, suddenly realizing - oh my god I'm running late. I have to go pick up my girlfriend, we're signing papers today.   Several years later. 

So here I am.  I've just written a book about the house I once lived in.  

The book is titled The Bothell  House: Poltergeist of Washington State.  Should you decide to pick up this book there's one word I want you to pay attention to.  That word is the word hell.   There's no better word to describe what me and my girlfriend went through than the word hell.   I'm just going to make it simple and plain, living in the Bothell house was like living in hell.   Not only was the  house a living hell but so was our experience in not being taken seriously.   It was a hellish journey to get to the truth and that ladies and gentleman is why I've written this book.  


It's going to sound cheapish but it's the truth. I hate writing this book.

 When writing a book about the most haunted house in America there's one thing you have to accept right away, you can't put pen to paper until you make peace with the fact that you are going to have to relive everything in order to get this book done.   It hurts ladies and gentleman, it really does.  My girlfriend and I have seen some hellish stuff.  We heard some hellish things.  We were treated in a hellish way by some hellish self-serving people.   I have to replay all of that, each one at least fifty hundred times in order for it to make sense to the reader.  That's painful.   We're talking about an emotional rollercoaster for the say the last two years.   But that's not the only reason why I'm writing this book.  


I need the world to understand something.  When I say world I mean the paranormal community. I need the community too fall out of love with the word hoaxing.  I need the community to retire the phrase "everything's always happening off camera."     I'm writing this book because I want you to erase what you currently know about the paranormal.   Your bravado is putting house occupants lives in danger.  Please understand something - there are other families, other couples, other homes going through similar stuff.


 The only thing that separates us from them is our decision to stay and fight. That was a hellish decision to make.  Talk about being dammed for doing and dammed for not doing.  Tina and I caught hell on both ends of the spectrum.  Hell from researchers, hell from clergy, hell from friends and family and hell from the demons inside the home. So the book is done.  I'm glad it's done.   One can never be rid of an experience by writing a book.   But it helps.  I can't keep it bottled up anymore.  I have to share it.  I hope this shine the light on thrill-seekers posing as paranormal researchers.    Think of it as a gift,  a gift to those who want to venture away from what they see on television.   A gift to those who believe in malevolent spirits.   

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