Don was introduced to the paranormal at a young age and has been heavily involved in the subject (in one form or another) for most of his life. Born into a military family on the Rock of Gibraltar, his father was an Army officer. At around seven years of age his family returned to the UK and it was here Don had his first experience which he describes as a visitation which occurred over several nights. It was following it theses experiences he was that left him with an astonishing legacy.
Shortly after he began to hear voices whispering faintly around him, he could feel the presence of spirits and discovered he had little difficulty entering into communication with them. This is something that for many years he chose not to share, even with his immediate family. He continued with his education, gained employment, but later returned to further education qualified in Accounting and Business Studies. He later moved into I.T and electronics gaining certifications.
 For several years Don ran his own business as an IT consultant, securing contracts from companies for the maintenance of their I.T systems and infrastructures. He then worked for probation service working with, supporting, counselling  and monitoring many different types of people with varying social needs from different backgrounds.
Throughout this whole period he maintained communication with the spirits which he continues to the present day.
 Don has no doubt of the existence of the afterlife; over the years he has formed relationships with many of them, the most prominent of these is Becky, a personality said to have passed over in 1995. It's noteworthy that Becky has been heard by many people resulting even on occasion startling direct voice phenomena, her clear and loud voice responding to Don and coming from the air. Don's communications with Becky and his uncanny ability to secure communications  leading to information, not just random information but information which has led to the physical discovery such as human remains and on one occasion  previously undocumented tunnels leading to a crypt which had remained hidden for many years below the earths surface.   
Don uses his abilities in assisting with cases he's invited to attend by Parapsychologists and the general public. He works interdependently
 of other teams, does not use ghost busting gadgets but simply relies on himself as a tool utilising only a voice recorder and video documentation of his cases.  
Working privately for some time and having conducted many, many  investigations and assisting many people in the process, it wasn't until (2011) that Don made a conscious decision to step into the public arena offering his support to not only those who believed in the afterlife  but as a voice for the spirits themselves. Of course such claims are not accepted by everyone and led to some adverse publicity being levelled at him by the odd random cynic. Regardless,Don has defended his position and remained defiant, he chose to surround himself with professionals who would test his claims. Since then he has worked closely with Parapsychologists and other professional organisations. Those who have witnessed first hand what Don does have all reached the same conclusions even though initially sceptical. Although it's not understood just how he can be so successful in his abilities or how it works. "Don's a curiosity, I don't know how he can do what he doe's.Whatever it is he's communicating with is real, it works, and appears to be Paranormal".  Say's Nick Kyle
Although having appeared on numerous TV & Radio shows discussing his belief in the afterlife. and often showcasing his acquired evidence he describes himself as an open minded sceptic. Whilst this may sound a little odd, he goes on to explain:
"There are many people making many claims in the field, often assumptions and misguided identifications  along with  misunderstandings will attribute to an irrational and over eagerness to believe something is paranormal and this simply may not be the case."
"Although everyone has their own beliefs, it's important to remain grounded. A balanced, sceptical and open minded approach to any investigation or circumstance must be is a priority on any case. If  evidence is to suggest a dwelling may be haunted that's or unexplained phenomena is apparent then that's one thing, I've seen to many times people making and reacting to  assumptions despite a complete lack of  tangible evidence to support that a genuine Haunting may be taking place . Its equally important to acknowledge any phenomena can prove highly elusive to most investigators. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, in this case I refer to reported phenomena within a dwelling. Sometimes making a determination either way is a fine line, a Pandora's box"
"I am of the personal opinion that judgement not be made towards any claim initially when based on a lack of evidence alone, spirit personalities should be respected at all times, not expected at all times". 
Don has both appeared as well as been as adviser on the production of other TV shows and has very this year formed his own production company 'Raven Media' producing documentaries about the weird and unexplained as an International investigative Paranormal Researcher and filmmaker.     
Steve first became interested in the subject of the Paranormal at an early age and after leaving secondary school he studied at North Trafford College and GEC Electrical for 5 years and obtained a Degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1989 Stephen worked at RAF Weatherfields in  Essex for NATO as a contracted Telecommunications Officer. During the early 90's Steve began writing the BITC; (British Investigators Training Course) in Anomalous Phenomena which today is the most recognised course of its kind internationally. Steve went on to complete his Pre-Degree in Psychology and in 1996 obtained his teachers qualification and conducted regular science lectures at many schools and colleges throughout the UK.
Steve has been involved in many TV Shows and radio presentations, and continues to regularly lecture around the country. 

During the latter part of the 90's Steve constructed and launched SEP; (The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology) so to work with Parapsychological departments and scientific organisations. Steve went on to complete his psychology degree and also studied psychoanalysis and sociology.  He is also the owner of Phenomena Magazine, 

Steve has also appeared in many TV and Radio shows. 
"After spending 33 years in the subject of paranormal research I have, for the first time, been extremely challenged in his efforts to rationalising many incidents that took place during working alongside Don Philips. My sceptisism has somewhat decreased due to witnessing numerous inexplicable events whilst in the company of Don. During my first 12 months working with him I have experienced recorded verbal conversation with unknown sources, some may suggest are 'spirits'. At this moment in time I'm reluctant to use labels, however I will openly admit to witnessing such communication and analysing captured data of residual audible phenomena. Whilst working alongside Don Philips I have has also witnessed profound incidents of psychokinesis as well as other inexplicable capabilities, and my expression to witnessing loud verbal remarks coming straight out of the air was second to none".

"Unlike most scientific endevours, the progression and study of the paranormal has somewhat become static. There comes a time when you reflect, and attempt to recount the lack of amazing breakthroughs in this field.

It would seem, no matter how much we progress with technology and the learnings of metaphysics, the paranormal is almost just ahead of our grasp.

To this end a new and fresh approach of investigative methodologies have been applied, no longer looking at the larger picture of the paranormal, but more on the singular aspects. Like providing the pieces of a jigsaw, we aim to build the larger picture. It is these pieces that represent the scientific study of paranormal mechanics.

An investigatory process that has already presented new and fascinating discoveries, such as acoustic mimicking and the transplacement phenomena. By bridging laboratory science and environmental disturbances, Phenomena Project leads the way in this 21st century modern approach to the study and scientific investigation of the paranormal world." .... Steve Mera

Steve is the owner of Phenomena magazine

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